Monday, April 18, 2016

large emptiness, small marks: a portfolio of sketches

 Large Emptiness Small Marks  2016  silk, cotton, rayon, linen damask fabrics stitched with cotton, silk and metallic threads.  36 pages within a hand stitched taffeta folder, each page is 33 cm x 33 cm.

A portfolio of sketches for large-scale (2.5 m or 90" ) square quilts.  Each 33 cm square cloth page is an idea for a larger cloth construction that will be filled with hand stitched marks.  A large square grid is formed when all thirty-six sketches are displayed at one time that measures 200 cm x 200 cm.

The squares are each filled with horizontal lines or large circles and are made from layers of lush, calm fabrics.  Each page is a complete idea and can be displayed singly or within a larger group.  The book like nature of this artwork encourages close physical engagement and considered viewing over time.  The slow actions of undoing buttonholes, opening the folder, and lifting each page encourages contemplation.   Unconscious memories are unlocked by the sense of touch.
Large Emptiness, Small Marks: portfolio of sketches   2016  33 cm x 33 cm x 7 cm,  36 pages of variety of fabrics, mostly silk.  Edged with blanket stitch and wrapped in a taffeta folder densely stitched with silk and cotton threads.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Above Us

Above Us  2015   reverse side of  the air becomes cloth
silk,cotton, cotton and silk threads, quilted with reverse of hand embroidery
81 inches high, 40 inches wide

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

turning the air to cloth

turning the air to cloth  2015
linen, cotton, silk, procion mx dye, block printing ink, cotton and silk threads
batik, block print,completely hand stitched (hand construction, hand embroidery, hand quilting, hand quilting with embroidery
81 inches high, 40 inches wide (detail of hand embroidery shown above)
Birds in flight astound us when, moving in unison, their fleeting crosses darken the sky.
Suddenly they are gone and it's blue eternity again.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Time Passes Over the Earth

Time Passes Over The Earth    2015
silk rayon velvet, plant dyes, bamboo batt, backed with wool gauze, cotton and silk threads
hand pieced and hand  quilted
24.5" h x 20'5"w
What it FEELS like to live on Manitoulin Island.

Exhibition Record:
My Corner of The World: Canada
opens in May at Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford Ontario.
This is a SAQA exhibition (Studio Art Quilt Association).
Michela Fitzsimmons was the sole juror.
Bethany Garner is the co-ordinator.  40 pieces are in the exhibition.
The exhibition will tour Canada.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cloud of Time

Cloud of Time 2014
re-claimed linen damask and variety of blue fabrics
cotton floss, artist canvas, hand stitch    33 cm x 1806 cm   (13" x 711")

A measurement of one year of time.  (365 days)
One complete skein of embroidery floss is used to represent one day.
exhibition record:
2013  Mended World exhibition, Thunder Bay Art Gallery  September-October 2013
2014  Mended World exhibition, Art Gallery of Sudbury  January - February 2014

2015  Mended World exhibition, Homer Watson House and Gallery, May -June 2015

Studio photograph of Cloud of Time by Nick Dubecki, Sudbury

Monday, August 24, 2015

red moon

Red Moon 2014

re-claimed wool blanket, wool threads, hand stitch 52 x 361 cm (20 x 142 ")

Made from a re-constructed 90+ year old wool blanket, this cloth holds time and memory.  The several threadbare areas evoke the man, woman or child who lay with the blanket and repeatedly pulled it up as a covering.  Many of the worn areas are mended with darning stitch by the artist and the edges strengthened with blanket stitch.  These areas of recent handwork add another layer of human touch.
exhibition record:

Hard Twist 10:  Memory
Gladstone Hotel  1214 Queen Street W,  Toronto M6J 1J6
Red Moon was included in Judy's solo exhibition, Lucky Protection 
The northern artist's gallery:  artists on Elgin 168 Elgin Street, Sudbury, Ontario
lower two photographs: Nick Dubecki, Sudbury

Thursday, June 25, 2015

little bundles

little bundles  2014
Cotton, thread, hemlock twigs 
74 individual units, variety of sizes  (all can be held in your hand) 
bandaging, wrapping, shrouding, accumulation, repetition, doll-figures, ritual chant, hand touch, body gesture, the protection tradition of red thread
The process of wrapping is healing.  Inside each of the 74 bundles are four hemlock twigs collected and wrapped in 2011.  (see here) 

exhibition record:
The little bundles are an important component of Judy Martin's feel better installation.   The photos above show the installation in POP FOLK TEXTILES, la Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury, Ontario March 21- April 18 2015  (curator Sophie LeBlanc)

POP FOLK TEXTILES will also be exhibited in Toronto June 26-August 9 at the Campbell House Museum, 160 Queen Street.   Sponsored by Le Labo Gallery (586 Richmond St W)